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Individual therapy gives each of us an opportunity for self-discovery to help with complexities of human living. Sometimes, in our lives we need help sorting out the challenges we face in life that need attention and exploration. Counseling allows us to understand the roots of our life challenges and helps us to define the meaning of those events.  

Individual Counseling
Couples and Family Counseling
Couples counseling is designed to help couples reconnect and resolve issues.  Couples can effectively change patterns of behavior and restore healthy relationships.  
Group Therapy

Group therapy is designed to give another format to the counseling experience.  Groups are offered to help individuals connect in issues resulting from grief and bereavement.  

For clients who are unable to meet due to distance or lack of transportation, I offer Telehealth services through AdvancedMD.  This allows clients to receive mental health services conveniently and effectively to fit their needs.  For more information, please call 570-703-0464.


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